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No long sign up process, no websites to visit for the donors




Once invited, your organization creates an account at, you’ll enter your Twitter @ handle, this is what we use to determine where donations are going. 


Next you’ll tell your followers and supporters if they want to donate publicly they can, all they have to do is use the formula:

@YourOrganization $(amount to give) and #GiveNow  

Upon their first donation, they will receive a reply tweet to create their account (one time only), then they can continue to give easily whenever they are inspired.


After they donate, a verification email will be sent for their confirmation, and then your donation will be dispersed.  Both donors and organizations have a dashboard to see donation details. You can download this data in a .csv for your internal use.


  • As a donor, how can I keep track of my donations?"
    Once you have an account, you can login at anytime to review previous donations and compile information for your taxes. From this dashboard you can also update any personal information or payments.
  • Are payments made through RippleGiving safe?
    Yes! We take safety seriously, we use Stripe as our processor, utilizing a PCI Service Provider Level 1 grade of payment security .
  • What if I make a donation mistake or my Twitter account is hacked?
    Don't worry, we send an email verification to every donor to confirm their donation amount and receiver, this protects against hacked social media accounts and gives them a second look to make sure everything is correct. If they do not confirm that email, the donation is not sent.
  • What does it cost? Or what are the fees involved?
    If you are a donor, their are no fees associated with your account! During our invite-only phase for organizations, we are waiving any monthly fees. Each donation incurs a 4% service fee and a Stripe fee of 2.9% + $.30 per donation.
  • What kind of organization can use RippleGiving?
    RippleGiving was created especially for churches, church ministries and the faith-based community. We are passionate about giving these organizations more fundraising opportunities. If you have a healthy social media following RippleGiving can help. We built RippleGiving for you to grow your ministry and turn followers into donors.
  • Why should my church or ministry use RippleGiving?
    We built the RippleGiving tool to help churches, ministries, and the faith-based community raise additional donations from their followers on social media. We don’t replace anything you already have, rather increase donations from places you weren’t getting them from before. We want you to increase your reach, sometimes you have a #viral story to tell. RippleGiving is the only way to capitalize social media for growing donations to your organization.
  • How to I transfer donation data to my org database?
    If you want to transfer donation/donor data from your RippleGiving account to your internal database, simply download the .csv file from your dashboard and upload it wherever you’d like!
  • What if I already have Tithely, Givelify, or PushPay?"
    All those are great! Keep them, we are a tool to be used alongside your existing platform, a new additional source of donations none of the platforms offer.



If we haven't answered all your questions, don't hesitate to reach out:

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