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At this time RippleGiving is invite only. 

Once you receive your invitation it's time to sign up! This is a one-time process & you will need access to your Twitter account & your org's Stripe account information for depositing donations.

It's time to Tweet! Let your followers know how they can start donating through Twitter! We also suggest a pinned Tweet on your profile.

Your followers see your call to give & make a donation on Twitter.

Donor instantly receives a reply tweet with a link to sign up. This is only done once per donor.

Donation is available to see in your user dashboard! You are able to view reports & download csv files for all donations.

Donor receives a verification email after every donation. They are able to confirm the donation, or simply ignore it if the donation was a mistake.

Donations are dispersed to your Stripe account on a weekly basis


 We take safety seriously, we use Stripe as our processor, utilizing a PCI Service Provider Level 1 grade of payment security. 

Additionally in order to protect against a hacked social media account we utilize two factor authentication by having donors verify their donation on a simple email 'click the link to verify'.


Both donors and organziations have a dashboard availabel to them at  Included are all the donations made or recieved, and a downloadable .cvs file to import to your internal database. 


If you are a donor, their are no fees associated with your account! At this time we are also waiving our monthly service fee for all organizations.


Each donation incurs a 4% service fee and a Stripe fee of 2.9% + $.30 per donation. 


A donation of $30 would result in a payment to the organization of $27.65  (Total fee of .30 cents and 6.9%).

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